Retained clients receive an unwavering commitment to finding solutions to the challenges of today’s market, the benefit of over 25 years of experience and unrivaled personal access to institutional investors and capital relationships the best execution possible.


Investment Sales

Solitude Cove Capital offers an owner of real estate a sales experience that is highly personalized and benefits from the tremendous amount of experience gained over a career of industry leading sales executions in various asset types in the Washington DC region and around the country.

Equity Capital

Sourcing an equity partner for an acquisition or recap is more than simply finding the right cost of capital. It’s about cultural fit as well. Deep relationships with capital and a thorough understanding of market conditions gives Solitude Cove Capital the ability to find that perfect match of cost of capital and personal fit.

Consulting and Advisory

Property and portfolio positioning

The market is constantly changing and investor needs can change dramatically based on the capital markets or even world events. We stay in touch with the market and can offer highly tailored strategic counsel on how to best position a property to maximize outcomes.

Project specific buy-side advice and analysis

The market has changed. The players may be different. Solitude Cove Capital helps buyers position themselves with sellers in the best possible light to “win” the deal and provide analysis for a purchaser to best understand how others may be underwriting a specific transaction.

Platform Level Strategy

Years of experience working with institutional capital and best in class operators across the country have given Solitude Cove Capital a unique perspective. We work to create a strategies that celebrates the core competencies of proven operators and at the same time achieve the goals of institutional capital partners. Our principal maintains deep contacts with capital that invests at the asset level as well as the platform level and leverages those relationships to help craft strategies that work in today’s market.


Side by side investment with partners

Solitude Cove Capital is positioned to invest alongside its clients in specific instances, completely aligning interests and providingefficient cost of capital.